black grass vs. she said

ok, how’s this for a convoluted story:

i was trying to find a black grass track featured on ‘south coast’, a movie about brighton hip hop. the track is a cheeky little number that samples from the jam’s "start". anyway, struggled tracking it down on the black grass website or on brighton’s finest catskills.

finally i got drawn onto the black grass myspace and lo and behold – i didn’t find i there either. one thing i did come across was a thundering downtempo cover of ‘don’t leave me this way‘. black grass’s grubby spacey beats (think the best bits of portishead) are the bedrock for a deep throated powerful performance of dominique noiret – lead singer of alt countrybilly combo ‘she said’. straddling a tight-rope between detachment and emotion, if ever there was a signature voice, it’s this one.

the track is due out mid-july.

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