me live on the xltronic radio on friday the 20th 9pm CET

I’m doing a live stream of music and music-related things on

For those who don’t know, xltronic is supposed to be a site dedicated to all things that fit under the “electronic music” tag, although it’s basically just a forum discussing the latest big releases to the nth degree with lots of offtopic threads in between.

it will most probably be recorded and archived


a few problems with technology arose, and it laid a damper on things – I had to relocate to a friend’s house where the internet was a bit more stable, which meant that the available material was scarce, but I recorded the whole thing and it is available for download at this link

it contained such tracks as:
black dog: ripheadv2
sabres of paradise: ano electro
björk: hyperballad (lfo disco sync mix)
fawn: bless
elecktroids: thermo science
felix: it will make me crazy
usura: open your mind
golden girls: kinetic
utah saints: what can you do for me?
sonz of a loop da loop era: far out
dms: exterminate
joey beltram: energy flash
gescom: viral rival
miss kittin: happy violentine (lfo mix)
gosub: low volume lovers
der zyklus: formenverwandler
various production: the world is gone
vex’d: killing floor
cj bolland: catharsis
cutting crew: (i just) died in your arms
manic: free your soul
vlr: computermadness III preview
pet shop boys: dj culture
cab calloway: scat song
syncom data: armee der leere
dopplereffekt: myon-neutrino

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