Back to the Eighties

Anyone who thinks the seaside is all about days out and cheesy smiles needs to check out The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Brighton’s most terrifying gothic-rockabilly band.

Eighties first appeared in 2002 with the Horse Of The Dog album. Clocking in at just 28 minutes the record is a blast through the young punks’ limited but intensely-focused influences - The Doors, The Pixies, The Cramps, The Stooges, Elvis - and is a psychotic collection of short and powerful shards of rock evoking far more of the dark side of rock’n’roll than the band seemed capable of being aware of.

Their lives gigs began as shambolic, unlistenable blasts of white noise and chaos, but they developed at an accelerating pace and the group quickly gained a reputation as the best live band as Brighton. They were signed to a major label and their gigging schedule 2002-3  looked like the intense itinerary of the most commercial of boy-bands, to which Eighties were by now  the complete and natural antithesis. Lead singer Guy McKnight was regularly injured in his nightly outings into their crowds’ moshpits, guitarist Andy Huxley damaged both kneecaps with his frequent kneedrops, and bassist Sym developed tendonitis as they hauled their monstrous collective carcass up and down the UK.

Eighties’ second album, The Royal Society, was long delayed by their record company and it was a tribute to the band’s collective sense of self-worth that on its eventual release they were still able to deliver their incendiary live show with more visceral thrills than ever. Unlike their debut, the follow-up was a full-length affair but it seemed to lack the burning focus of their first record, even as it revealed the band’s technical development and expanding sound. The band parted company with their label and Huxley parted company with the group, going on to form the abstract metal band Vile Imbeciles.

Eighties are still developing their satanic majesty without him, however, as their MySpace site reveals – new mp3s are available for download, and the pictures from their hell-raising recent gig at Brighton’s Beach venue capture the essence of one of Brighton’s most exciting bands very nicely.

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those crazy smarties guys…

smarties bar, niceso it happened. after dashing around getting everything together (a bunch of stuff that never got played – check out eastern drum and breaks 2), the soiree at smarties was a good one. the end of barbie as we know her, and boy did they send her out in style. although i don’t think i went half as far as my compadre dj fink. armed with stonking new sound equipment but plagued by minor hiccup on the night (no monitor) he laid down the most inconceivably varied set. think deep house thump meets patsy cline.
nuziq’s dj hazaak started the proceedings with some choice jazz numbers, which somehow seamlessly paved the way for some quite serious beats (that’s where the recording begins).

the large taciturn lars k. played some lofty electro with more than a passing nod at trance. that got the bums wiggling.

before we knew it, it was 2am, with 2 turntables, a couple of cd decks and a laptop going full-throttle. then the abrupt end. well, kind of. croissants for breakfast ended it for us.

Smarties – Havaak

Popround 1

Popround 2

Larsk 1

Larsk 2

my first sonic assault

putting it together i was torn between not wanting to make a bad first impression, being honest about what excites my stereo, and what logically fits when arranged together. but whatever happened i think it’s a fair representation. only it’s missing sleater kinney, but then, aren’t we all?Tracklist:
65daysofstatic – another code against the gone
the rise – the strategy of social futurism
part chimp – b1
alec empire – buried alive
necessary intergalatic cooperation – say u sick
pretty girls make graves – the nocturnal house
lien – subsonic accretion
sigur ros – di do
65daysofstatic – drove through ghosts to get here
the rise – the day history stopped repeating itself

please excuse the rather angry first 12 minutes and the slightly too long gaps between songs. i’m
running some lofi equipment here and editing a 1gb wav file is way beyond my abilities.


a mix I’ve been working on for the last few months. it’s a kind of attention deficit type of mix made in ableton. it’s pretty self-indulgent in the way that I try to make it as relistenable as possible for myself, and in the process, hopefully, it’ll be worth several replays for others. the tracks are edited and mashed up to achieve maximum effect. have a listen if you want, i hope it’ll be worth the time spent


01 billy ocean-get out my dreams get into my car
02 davy dmx-the dmx will rock (scratch mix)
03 davy dmx-the dmx will rock (master mix)
04 bug kann & the plastic jam-made in two minutes
05 shut up and dance-here comes a different type of rap
track not the usual 4 bar loop crap
06 patrick pulsinger-construction tool
07 esoterik-kwaidan
08 liaisons dangerouses-put être…pas
09 afx-naks 11 mono
10 todd terry project-made by the man
11 steve poindexter-computer madness
12 cybotron-clear
13 gescom-puzl
14 man parrish-hip hop be bop
15 hashim-al naafiysh (the soul)
16 lory d-9 tracks 4 a fine road hog track a2
17 the sweat boys-do you want to percolate
18 burial-forgive
19 sleeparchive-galactic blob
20 phylyps-track II-I
21 skream-lightning
22 vex’d-lion vip
23 curve-falling free (aphex)
24 sub love-and then more (remix)
25 joey beltram-psycho bass
26 second phase-mentasm
27 mescalinum united-we have arrived
28 l.a.m.-meltdown
29 tipper-unlock the geometry
30 eurythmix-sweet dreams
31 radioactive man-twisty boomkart
32 mantra-age of aquarius b1
33 space djz-nice vibes
34 erotek-computer aided poetic funk
35 front 242-umen (ectomorph fixmix)
36 thrill kill kult-days of swine and roses
37 ultradyne-lardossen search squad
38 coil-things happen
39 gosub-darkness modulations
40 cane-fall
41 kavinsky-arpanet nightdrive
42 scorn-falling (ae fr 13 mix)
43 kraftwerk-musique non stop
44 afx-klopjob
45 squarepusher-schizm track #2
46 tura-bacco
47 boxcutter-brood
48 mark one-stargate
49 technasia-final quadrant
50 technasia-2 the floor
51 aphex twin-digeridoo
52 foul play-ricochet
53 the mover-invite the fear
54 dopplereffekt-myon neutrino
55 lfo-what is house
56 a guy called gerald-auto rebuild
57 dj seduction-you can dance
58 a guy called gerald-space 1999
59 arpanet-event horizon
60 brothomstates vs blamstrain-ketku 9000
61 psyche-how the west was won
62 legofeet-b7
63 lionel richie-hello

subtrac flying the dubstep flag

nice lean site peddling that dubstep vibe. the english hype machine seem to have got behind this grime offshoot which means its icarus-like flight on those shores will probably last about 3 months. doesn’t mean it ain’t good though, and like much electronica before, it may take a bunch of north american kids to keep the fire burning. think pirate radio rave (complete with heavy south-london accents) taken down a notch or two, with the belching bass given free range to play.

check out subtrac (it’s actually based in canada!) – listen to the radio, or for more mixes you can shake a peckham bus pass at, have a look at the aptly named dubstepforum.

japanese beatles refits

sounds like he’s just walked off a bollywood stage, but the wonderful moglah carries on in a vein that the japanese have tapped and split wide open. take an old classic, beats of an old casio organ and plant your tongue firmly in your cheek. what comes out? entrancing multicultural pop music.

take a listen to this twisted eleanor rigby if you don’t believe me. or just check out moglah’s full re-interpretation of revolver.