my first sonic assault

putting it together i was torn between not wanting to make a bad first impression, being honest about what excites my stereo, and what logically fits when arranged together. but whatever happened i think it’s a fair representation. only it’s missing sleater kinney, but then, aren’t we all?Tracklist:
65daysofstatic – another code against the gone
the rise – the strategy of social futurism
part chimp – b1
alec empire – buried alive
necessary intergalatic cooperation – say u sick
pretty girls make graves – the nocturnal house
lien – subsonic accretion
sigur ros – di do
65daysofstatic – drove through ghosts to get here
the rise – the day history stopped repeating itself

please excuse the rather angry first 12 minutes and the slightly too long gaps between songs. i’m
running some lofi equipment here and editing a 1gb wav file is way beyond my abilities.

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One thought on “my first sonic assault”

  1. ah, pure super-sonic joy to kick off the day, although i think i may have upset the woman i share an office with. nice arrangement with an ambient dip in the middle just before my ears bled.

    for me the stand-outs are the opener and alec empire. wow, there really are a million different worlds of sound out there, most of which i barely get a glimpse. maybe time to move on from handbag house classics circa 94.

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