those crazy smarties guys…

smarties bar, niceso it happened. after dashing around getting everything together (a bunch of stuff that never got played – check out eastern drum and breaks 2), the soiree at smarties was a good one. the end of barbie as we know her, and boy did they send her out in style. although i don’t think i went half as far as my compadre dj fink. armed with stonking new sound equipment but plagued by minor hiccup on the night (no monitor) he laid down the most inconceivably varied set. think deep house thump meets patsy cline.
nuziq’s dj hazaak started the proceedings with some choice jazz numbers, which somehow seamlessly paved the way for some quite serious beats (that’s where the recording begins).

the large taciturn lars k. played some lofty electro with more than a passing nod at trance. that got the bums wiggling.

before we knew it, it was 2am, with 2 turntables, a couple of cd decks and a laptop going full-throttle. then the abrupt end. well, kind of. croissants for breakfast ended it for us.

Smarties – Havaak

Popround 1

Popround 2

Larsk 1

Larsk 2

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