subtrac – dubstep meets canada

dubstep, the music with strong roots in east london is quickly becoming well-travelled. subtrac has been pushing this new dub hybrid on the toronto scene for some time. sek, the don of the outfit recently gave us the lowdown on just what’s happening there.

/How long has the website been going? Why did you start it?/
The site has been up since Nov 2005, it was started as a promo site for
the subtrac parties in Toronto.
Subtrac events primarily focus on dubstep music, at the time it was
created not very many people knew about dubstep here so a lot of it’s
content is geared to educate as well as promote.

/How big is the Dubstep movement in Ontario? /
It’s fairly large now, one of the largest in North America. Compared to
more mainstream music however it’s still quite small. Personally I like
it small, my focus is to push quality above quantity.
This time last year it was practically non existent with the exception
of a few people buying records. Over the last year it’s grown fast but
strong.. the roots are firmly planted here and the people attending the
events really feel like their apart of something.

//W//ho/what is your inspiration?/
As far as direction for the events? The DMZ ones in London and the
Dubwar parties in NYC as far as strictly dubstep jams go. Outside of
dubstep music I draw influence and inspiration from many sources. Mainly
minimalistic art, techno and electro music, some dnb and dub etc.. They
all play a part in forming the ideals we try and push with these events.

//Any future projects in the pipeline?/ /
Ya a few, I’m relaunching my net radio show on this month.
We’re doing a monthly dubstep dance featuring just toronto locals.
Large shows with out of town guests still happen about every 3 months.

On a personal level I’m planing to launch a label in the new year.

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