underground resistance – the long-time throb of detroit

welcome earthlings, to the sound of techno from another planet. apparently. it’s experimental techno built on top of the deep motor-city shuffling bass funk, continuing the staple of (im)mortals may, suanderson, atkins et al.

since the early ‘nineties UR has been slowly spreading tentacles of techno all over the planet through releases by the likes of mad mike, octave one, the aztec mystic and dj rolando.

check out the interstellar fugitives’ dj dex showcase mix. grizzly undulating textured rhythms are gradually peeled away to reveal the synth-ridden throbbing heart.

given their extraterrestrial roots, they often ditched the gushing monotones of the music press release in favour of star trek history tales.

oh, just came across this rare interview and mix by ‘mad’ mike banks.
resistance is futile.

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