take the step express to the cote d’azur

ok, a local plug, but then it isn’t everyday you come across voluble french chatting over french drum and bass. well, i can confirm there definitely isn’t much on the streets of mougins.

keeping things rough and ready with a strong link with reggae – hold on it’s even getting a tad poppy.

as i realised standing in a barn in the heart of oxfordshire listening to a guy chanting over the ‘tuff beats’ (as they say in hip hop connection) of one of the scratch perverts: i’m a sucker for those rhythmic verbal venerations.

anyway, that poppy bit was just a break – back to the heavily undulating synth and the odd film sample, oh so characteristic of the early jungle scene. ah…

go on then, grab your french dictionary and check out the december 06 mixtape.

or wimp out and just check out the website, or a bunch of dubplates.

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