All Time Top 100 – Kurt Frobisher

 It’s very simple….All Time Top 100 invites guests from a variety of musical backgrounds to countdown their favouritest records of all all time.  Taking place every Friday at the Cosmo Bar in Brighton, England the night is almost four years young now and has acquired a cult following of open minded, clued-up music lovers.  Charts are transmitted in their entirety every fortnight via and we’ll be hosting sections of them here for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

We’re kicking things off with a set from kurt frobisher. a man with a formidible past…

Kurt was born in florence italy in 1956, the son of a disgraced English civil servant forced into exile during ww2. He moved to England aged 10 and became immersed in the booming 60s music scene.

He formed Sponge Sponge Sponge in 1972 and set about recording some of the most ground-breaking albums of the 20th Century. He recorded The Knights of the Sponge Table, produced by brian eno, in 1976. the album ranks highly in most ‘best album of all time’ charts and has been cited as an influence by artists as varied as David Bowie, New Order, Blur, Aphex Twin, Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys.

expect tunes by Devo, Burt Kaempfert, Sonic Youth, Girls Aloud, Roxy Music, Marvin Gaye, Guided by Voices, Kenny Rogers and the more of the best pop music of the last 40 years.

Here we have a sample of an hour of the set:

check back in a fortnight for more musical goodness from All Time Top 100

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