george (tramps with amps)

here’s george in a nutshell. well, when i say nutshell, i mean like the shell of a giant brazil nut. just make sure you get to the end and check out her mix…

George got into listening to dance music as a teenager whilst tuning the dial in west london looking for pirate radio stations! Girly fm used to be her favorite. The first LP she bought (aged 9) was the first Salt and Pepa album. Gradually through the teenage years her passion for many types of music started to develop. Prodigy, Liquid, old Hardcore records, Jungle, Garage, Orbital, Underworld, Mogwai, Jurassic 5, Dr Dre and Massive Attack were a few of her favorite things to listen to at the time!

Then in 1998 she went to Sussex University to pursue her first degree in Chemistry with a minor in North American studies. As a first year student she also became involved in the campus radio station, URF and presented a 2 hour music show on Sunday evenings. Working at the radio led to a huge new collection of vinyl being started after catching the vinyl bug from her then boyfriend, who was also working in Rounder Records. The student loan predictably got blown on Decks, mixer, amp and speakers and more records! In summer 1999 she played at the Girl DJ Bust the Box special in the Hogoblin. ‘Push It’ by salt and pepa, ‘Juvenile Delinquent’ by Evil Nine and a 7″ copy of Prince’s ‘Rasberry Beret’ were some of the records played. Little did she know how legendary Bust the Box was to become!

In 2001 she went to the US for a year and whilst out there brought all her vinyl and played a weekly radio show and various raves in places such as the “Temple of Sound” in Portland, Oregon. The US kids loved shaking their glowsticks to her Sticky, Wiley, and Zed Bias records! Since then she has DJ’ed at events such as Slackers, Christmas Parties, Weddings, no Bahmitzvas yet but she has played at a couple of raves with another of the Tramps with Amps Girls; Georgie.

In summer 2005 Dennis came into her life like a friggin live wire. Many debates were had about producers such as Aphex Twin and releases on the Warp label. He enjoyed delving through her records and she equally enjoyed delving into his harddrive – this led to her being educated about more music such as records by The Specials, The Kleptones and especially Johnny Cash. D recorded some of her records, such as ‘Washing Up’ by Tiga, onto to his harddrive and added further to her music collection by giving her a 300 GB hardrive loaded up with all his MP3’s for her 26th Birthday. D also introduced her to many of the Tramps with Amps girls saying that she should get involved. Now Tramps with Amps is one of George’s main music interests and no doubt more TWA events will be happening this spring.

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