jeff hemmings (latest 7)

this month someone who’s done just about everything in brighton (although i’m not sure he’s ever worked at amex)…

Photographer in some past life, founder and editor of Impact Magazine back in the 90s, co-founder of the Brighton Fringe Festival in 1997, editor of Latest for a year before it became a property magazine (and for which he remains music editor), presenter of Latest 7 on the Radio on Juice 107.2, promoter, manager (Los Albertos), and ocassional DJ (actually hasn’t done it for a couple of years now) Really should be getting a proper job one of these days…

teething technical goofs means we’ve only got around a 25 minute taster this time round. sorry. i blame it on my dodgy internet connection dropping the stream half way through. vive le france (that’s ‘france’, not ‘frange’) should have it sorted for the next session.

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