thomas h. green

Thomas H Green is a writer and a DJ.

After a false start in the late ‘80s, mistakenly believing there was demand for dissolute beatnik poets, Thomas H discovered he could make a few bob writing about raves. He did this throughout the ‘90s for the likes of DJ and Muzik until the dance press commercially tanked a few years ago. He now writes and reviews for the Telegraph, Q, and Mixmag about anything from sludge metal to Czechoslovakian surrealism (and rave, old and new, of course), and edits the webzine He also co-promotes and DJs (as one half of the Crack Daddies) at Dirty Weekend at the Ocean Rooms. He has a rather old-fashioned view of popular music as a visceral sociological presence and is fascinated by it. There will be no Kooks songs in his All Time Top 100.

Instead, expect: Otis Redding, The Leather Nun, A Tribe Called Quest, The Klaxons, Johnny Cash and some bangin’ hard house…

this month we have a sample from the beginning of thomas’ countdown…

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