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when it comes to internet radio, there’s definitely no shortage of choices. however, recently i’ve been more and more drawn to the appeals of shoutcast. why? two main reasons:

  • it’s a freely available technology that’s easy to setup (ie. great for the smaller guy)
  • you can download the streams and so keep hold of music you like

where to find shoutcast streams?

shoutcast itself lists a good selection of streams.

alternatively, as always, check out google.

my personal faves:

perreo radio (reggaeton, 160kbps, songs split)

radio skranglebass (house, techno, minimal, 160kbps, songs split)

the bedroom dj radio (house, minimal, 128kbps, continuous stream) (house, minimal, 128kbps, continuous stream)

cliqhop (techno, ambient, 128kbps, songs split)

deep bass nine (breaks, 128kbps, continuous)

sub fm (dubstep, 128kbps, continuous)

radio 4a (mixed, 128kbps, continuous)

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