phil hartnoll (orbital) mix

a bit of a coup this week – we have a selection of phil hartnoll’s faves. in case you don’t know who this guy is:

Comprising brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll, Orbital were one of the first acts to emerge from the acid house explosion of the late 80s/early 90s and go on to successfully penetrate mainstream music and culture. Releasing a string of seminal electronic albums that were as accessible as they were innovative they effectively brought dance music into the homes of millions of people who might never have come into contact with it.

Following what many considered to be an era defining Glastonbury appearance they became mainstays of the international festival circuit. Combining their natural flair for pristine melodies and the dynamics of a traditional rock gig with techno and acid’s relentless pulse, they paved the way for the likes of Underworld, The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers who – all drawing from Orbital’s pioneering take on live dance music – soundtracked festivals and clubs for a whole generation of party people. However, behind the big hits and big shows is a raft of supremely emotive and evocative electronica that will be enjoyed by enthusiasts for many many years to come.

After 2004’s ‘Blue Album’ the brothers decided to call it a day, though both continue with various projects. Phil is concentrating on Long Range right now and his live show reaches the festivals across the summer. More at

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