marcus (broadcast family)

Loveable mop-top Daddy Marcus is well-known as a DJ who has never been afraid to keep his sets eclectic…

Marcus grew up in a house where Jazz, Disco and Country and Western were the favoured sounds (The first gig he attended was Johnny Cash and the Carter Family when he was 9) and everyone who’s heard his weekly 5 hour Sunday night sets at Brighton’s 3&10 Bar will know that he has maintained a child-like curiosity and passion for just about every type of music.

Expect to hear: Sarah Vaughan, Lemonjelly, DFA, Eddie Cochran, Skeewiff, Anita O’Day, Jeannie C Reilly, Freddie Cruger, Marcia Griffiths, Labbi Siffre, Blue Rondo Al A Turk, Japan, Dennis Edwards, Stevie Wonder, Georgie Fame, Happy Mondays, Hint, Lou Rawls, The Sweet, William De Vaughan, Louis Jordan, Quincy Jones, Susheela Ramaan and much much more…

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