the wonderful world of audion

there’s an interesting space that exists between glacial timbres of minimal and the downright more workmanly approach of techno. two worlds collide. the nun meets the porn star and they hit it off.

such is the kind of space that audion inhabits. i first came across this guy with the spellbinding 12.54(!!) minutes of ‘mouth to mouth’. wondrous in it’s depth of engagement. although i would concede it is a bit tough to play out on a friday night at smarties.

but where was he from? who was he? it’s taken me until now (rubbish researcher that i am) to discover that he’s none other than that ‘beck’ of the minimal scene – matthew dear. ah.. that explains a lot.

the audion moniker takes him closer to the output of labels like minus and ovum. it’s dark. it’s edgy. and it lends itself perfectly to flash old-skool techno style mixing. as is deftly performed here by ryan elliot.

a 21 minute punch in the face to those who say house music’s had it.

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