Northern Lights II

You can’t not love the Bear Quartet, and still they’re mysteriously ignored by the music buying public. This Swedish band nevertheless keep releasing album after album – no less than 14 since 1992, ranging in style from indie to industrial madness and in quality from interesting to brilliant, and certainly never boring. The Klaxons must be green of envy.

The lack of commercial success is possibly even more surprising given that one of the band’s guitarists is Jari Haapalainen, the well-known producer and sometimes collaborator of acts like Ed Harcourt, Camera Obscura, The Concretes, Laakso, The Tiny, and Frida Hyvonen. To name a few.

Below is a selection from their last two albums, Saturday Night from 2005 and Eternity Now from 2006, plus a couple of tracks from Moby Dick, made in 1997.
If you like it, check out their website ( where they generously offer two full length songs from each album and one song from every EP.
Give these teddies some love, they so deserve it.

The tracks are

  1. Weakling keep blinking (Saturday Night)
  2. Your name here (Saturday Night)
  3. Earthly pastimes (Moby Dick)
  4. I’m not in here with you (you’re in here with me) (Moby Dick)
  5. Fairies (Eternity Now)
  6. Broken heart (Eternity Now)
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