Rob Drysdale (Stick It On)

What’s that? A concept driven music night where people play music they really really like? It will never catch on. Not so for the Stick it On crew who’ve taken a gloriously simple idea and turned it into a lifestyle option and a succession of wildly successful nights up and down the UK. This week we’ve got one of their head honchos Rob Drysdale commandeering the decks for once – as opposed to loitering around them and sobbing quietly into his pint as ‘Groove is in the Heart’ gets its nineteenth million outing.

He says:
“So my All time Top 100 tunes – this is the first time I’ve felt totally self indulgent about playing music out in public. Usually you have the restrictions of time or place that dictates what you can and should play but not this time – no sireeee.

What tunes do you choose for your All Time Top 100? I can now sincerely sympathize with any person who has ever had to play at Stick It On and choose 15 minutes worth of their favourite choons – It’s bloody hard whittling it down to 100 let alone just 4 records – it would give me sleepless nights of what choons to leave out – so big respect to anyone who has played and worked through their mental turmoil of choon selections because invariably they are always the ones that rock the house.

I always liked to think that music reflects you as a person but as I scan my 100 list I kinda feel a little disappointed. Whilst thinking I was a bit of a dude with a bit of street cred (although who uses the term ‘street cred’ anymore?) my list tells me a different story. My new analysis of myself reads; “populist 80’s throw back who looks like he struggled with his sexuality from time to time.” Not really the message I want to be sending out but sometimes the truth hurts. Anyhow I am very very excited about the prospect of playing this Friday and if you could see the big fat grin I’ve got as I write this bi-og hopefully you’ll trust me, and my ability to pull out some choice tune selections which are truly my All Time Top 100 …. well for this week at least.

Ps Don’t worry it’s not all 80’s but being an 80’s child expect to hear some tunes that evoke a happy misspent youth interspersed with some of your Dad’s favourites, some of your Mums and of course some when you’re on Mum and Dad !!!! See you on the dancefloor :) x”

Check out a sample of Rob’s ATT100 set below.

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