Coconut Tapioca

is the bomb. i’ve rediscovered quite a few things recently. including the smashing pumpkins who pop up on my mix. other than that its a mash-mish of tasty treats from brighton and whatever gets thrown within earshot. i was raging mad about being cut off from pandora last month because i don’t live in the states but there’s access to so much out there..i can’t really bitch and moan..but i did anyway. so on with the festivities.

200 Years – She Said
I Think I Smell a Rat – White Stripes
In Diesem Raum – Trost
Mayonaise – Smashing Pumpkins
I’ll Kill Her – Soko
Forever – The Explorers Club
To the East – Electrelane
Sing Along Song – Tilly and the Wall remixed by HotChip
Sweet Dogs – Anne Trolle
My Punishment For Fighting – The Rosebuds
I Put a Spell on You – Julien Dore
Don’t Leave Me This Way – Black Grass featuring Dominique Noiret of She Said
Roscoe – Midlake (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)
Brown Paper Bag – Me & You (Roni Size Remix)

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