jamie cruisey

“Was brought up on all things Motown. My parents always had Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, The Four Tops, Diana Ross etc etc playing at home or in the car. My older brothers best friend, Doug, was like the gadget kid out of the Goonies and used to do mobile discos at weekends. He got me obsessed by the whole Djing side of things and when I was 13/14 he asked if I wanted to help him at weekends. I used to get to mix the next record in when he went to the bar or to the toilet. That was it. I was hooked. I got my first Technics 1200 when I was 14 and with a small 2 channel mixer given to me by Doug, used to tune Phantasy radio or tape recordings from Phantasy to one channel and practice mixing like that. A year later I got my other turntable. 6 months after this I discovered house music when a friend of mine took me to Trip at the Astoria…

That was it for me. I was totally blown away by the whole thing. I started buying records and checking out all the different events that were going on. After working away at the DJ thing for a few years playing in clubs all around London and for a time LA and San Francisco I landed a job doing licensing at a compilation label when I was about 19. Since then I have stayed in music working in promotion, at a label and now running my own artist management company. Sadly, the Djing side of things and the time to buy records has gradually slipped away but i’ve never totally let it go and still have a healthy appetite for vinyl shopping when I can!”

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