Northern lights III: heja Finland

I knew I’d find something interesting from Finland, if I only I cared to look.

Rinneradio have been making electronica / ambient techno with snappy beats and a jazzy saxophone forever, it seems, and if you think that’s not your cup of tea I’d say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The two tracks on this compilation are from 2004 and 2003 – apparently they released an album last year as well but I haven’t got hold it, yet.

Jori Hulkkonen is a DJ and producer who’s represented here with a remix of the Norwegian band Flunk’s Nouvelle-Vague-like cover of New Order’s Blue Monday.

Laakso is a semi-Finnish band, kind of, what with the band members’ Swedish-Finnish background. They now sing mainly in English, but when they started out they sang exclusively in Finnish. I’m not too keen on their latest creation, so the track here is from the album ‘My Gods’ released in 2005.

And finally I think Redrama must be the first Finnish rapper I’ve ever heard.

The rest of the tracks are Swedish, plus a funny cover from that Icelandic supergirl:

  1. Aromaa – Rinneradio
  2. The captain – The Knife
  3. Did you give the world some love today baby – Doris
  4. In reality – The Tiny
  5. Sequencer – Andreas Tilliander
  6. Blue Monday (intro) – Flunk
  7. Blue Monday (Jori Hulkkonen remix 2) – Flunk
  8. Walk the line – The tallest man on earth
  9. Helsinki (Crankshaft mix) – Rinneradio
  10. Gettting Closer – Hird
  11. High Drama – Laakso
  12. Let my shoes lead the way – Jenny Wilson
  13. Was that all it was – The Embassy
  14. Street Music – Redrama
  15. You only live twice – Bjork
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