the minimal unfoundsound

unfoundsound is the netlabel spin-off of US-based found sound records. that means they get to tap from their pro roster that includes the likes of barem, seph and dot, as well as feature newer artists looking for distribution.

perhaps it’s because a number of artists hail from argentina, but this brand of minimal techno generally foregoes the more glacial aspects often found in europe in favour of a more techy dancefloor orientated sound.

i’ve been toying around with putting a mix together for and have finally got my act together. i’ve only touched the very surface of what this outfit has to offer, so feel free to go explore…


bonita mirada – doesnotcompute
intersection parallele – greg le roy
downstairs – seph
fridrill – barem
boomisland (drunk edit) – jamespatrick
sticky (omar salgado remix) – barem
yack – ditch
undo (jorge savoretti liquid planets remix) – barem
imagine – easy changes
obelysko – omar salgado
stay high – dot
breakfast with thorialanus (seth troxler mix) – ben parris
chris needs a nickname (seph remix) – ben parris
arrival – dot
fill in – dot
void – seph
new process – dot

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