The Rakes – a one-song rip-off band?

“open book” seemed to be plastered all over the radio a year ago. and quite rightly so – the riff was one of the catchiest of the summer. their dead-pan delivery and lyrics for the common man could frame The Rakes as a modern-day Pulp.

unfortunately, on the strength of this concert, this is where the similarity ends. it’s odd how a band can only hit gold one time, whereas the rest of their oeuvre leaves you picking your fingers and wondering what to wear tomorrow. boys with guitars drone on in the background.

that said, lead singer Alan Donohoe oozes an odd angular energy, replete with cat-like strokes, but it’s not enough to carry the an otherwise unambitious performance.

the riffs tease at that song, but apart from ‘Animals’ and ’22 Grand Job’,  they leave the pogoists near the stage looking like they’re just waiting in jaunty expectation.

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