nathan fake/james holden essential selection

not new, but somehow this still manages to sound fresh. nathan fake is playful with both the source and form of his music. one moment you’ll be drowning in an ocean of fuzz and feedback, then next teased with delicate sentimental japanese rhythms. and in turn, just as it gets floaty in comes a thunderous techno underpinning.

in the second hour james holden follows suit, albeit on a slightly harder, darker vein. the border community boss keeps things simmering – think the orb and jeff mills fighting with their laptops. things could start to get messy…

Tracklist: Nathan Fake Laptop Set

(All Tracks By Nathan Fake)
1. ‘Bumblechord’
2. ‘Glow Hole’
3. ‘Stops’
4. ‘Grandfathered’
5. ‘Bridges (Build)’
6. ‘The Turtle’
7. ‘Long Sunny’
8. ‘The Sky Was Pink’

Tracklist: James Holden DJ Set

1. Cluster ‘Rote Riki’ (Spalax)
2. Depeche Mode ‘The Darkest Star (Holden Dub)’ Mute)
3. Motor ‘Jizm’ (Novamute)
4. Apparat ‘Montreal’ (Shitkatapult)
5. Kate Wax ‘Heroine’ (Viking Music)
6. Four Tet ‘A Joy’ (Domino)
7. The MFA ‘Throw It Back (We Will Destroy You) (Bear Dub)’ (Border Community)
8. Alex Smoke ‘Slippers & Slappers’ (Vakant)
9. Crash Course In Science ‘Cardboard Lamb’ (Press Records)
10. Petter ‘Some Polyphony’ (White Label)
11. 7hurtz ‘Stokers Motor’ (Output)
12. Holden ‘Corduroy’ (Border Community)
13. Black Dog ‘End of Time’ (Warp)
14. Solvent ‘Science with Synthesizers’ (Ghostly International)
15. Clark ‘Frau Wav (Brief Fling)’ (Warp)
16. Black Strobe ‘Nazi Trance F*** Off (Holden Remix)’ (Crosstown Rebels)

(props to amnesia_bg for releasing this on

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