Northern Lights VI

If you’re a normal, healthy person you may have wondered what Karin Dreijer was up to before the days of The Knife. The answer is noisy and occasionally brilliant indie band Honey is Cool, who had a great deal of critical if not commercial success in Sweden during the 90s.

The other band that deserves two tracks here is Finnish band 22 Pistepirkko, who have been going since 1980 but show no sign of giving up their sometimes odd mix of pop, rock, blues and electronica (not necessarily all at the same time).

Here is also a track from Mum’s forthcoming album Go Smear the Poison Ivy, and it sounds very promising indeed (this track can be downloaded for free if you sign up to their mailing list at

Full tracklisting:

  1. Frankenstein – 22 Pistepirkko
  2. The lion – Honey is Cool
  3. Kuvala – Rinneradio
  4. Anniemal – Annie
  5. Drums & boys – Honey is Cool
  6. Fomer hero – Heikki
  7. Electricity (is not what it used to be) – Differnet
  8. I knew – 22 Pistepirkko
  9. Syndir gu̡s (recycled by Mum) РSigur Ros
  10. Dancing behind my eyes – Mum
  11. Stars – Cats on fire
  12. I’m Indian – Timo Raisanen
  13. Love seems to be on my mind – Suburban kids with biblical names
  14. My name is Luka – Hassan

(Hassan, I should say, was a Swedish radio programme hosted, amongst others, by Henrik Schyffert who had a minor hit with Whale many years ago. It was rather funny.)

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