dj ohm, harry covert and the roti du veau

it’s taken a little while getting this out, but a couple of weeks ago, whilst natalie was sunning herself in so-cal, i took the opportunity to step off the corp treadwheel and spent some time with the inimitable dj ohm.

point #1: if you go to a chef’s house, you’re gonna get good grub! we ended up sitting out on his terrace necking some fine roti du veau and roasties followed by an awesome salad (the french way). i didn’t need to eat again for hours.

point #2: things show up in the most unusual places. we popped out for some cigarettes and before i knew it i found myself in a smoke shop in nice. with filters!! we’ve been searching the damn things for months.

point #3: TRAX mag is not dead (although they really don’t have much of a website, so they might as well be). this time, the cover cd has more interesting – deviating from the minimal fodder of past.

still, i digress. i’ve only listened to the mix in the bath so far and one thing i realized is that vast amounts of lunch can lead to quite an aggressive mix (especially at the beginning).

be warned.

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