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I’m fully aware it’s a new year, but I’m just not done with 2007; picked up some cool stuff whilst on xmas hols, like The Field’s laidback techno album From here we go sublime and Norwegian DiskJokke’s Staying in. So while we’re waiting for 2008 to materialise we’ll simply start where we left off, with the brilliant Studio – here with their remake of A mountain of one’s Brown piano. It’s around 10 minutes long but don’t you worry about that, it is 10 minutes well spent.

Also stumbled across the excellent Finnish rock band The Rollstons, who, at least judging from these tracks, seem to possess some of that special quality that Simon Cowell always claims to be looking for and never finds.


  1. Brown piano (Studio remake) – A mountain of one
  2. I know – Sally Shapiro
  3. Nattoppet – Detektivbyran
  4. Fish eye lens – The Rollstons
  5. I was go to Marrocco and I don’t see you – DiskJokke
  6. Sad lake city – 22 Pistepirkko
  7. Navel contemplator – The Rollstons
  8. A paw in my face – The Field
  9. The little heart beats so fast – The Field
  10. Shut out (Walker Brothers cover) – Flow flux clan
  11. Hem Ljuva Hem – Detektivbyran
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