Northern Lights in Russia

What was it we did again, before we had the internet? I know what I didn’t do – I didn’t make Russian cyber-friends on, who recommended some supercool music (thanks hivr!), which prompted me to scrounge around for more Russian sounds…

So we’ll take a break from the usual Nordic stuff and go to visit our great eastern neighbour. These are the tracks:

Cracked brother (summer is here) – DJ Krolik
She nearly – kk25
Senorita Tristeza – SCSI-9
Flight mode – SCSI-9
Snowboy – Punk TV
Depeche Mode mix – DJ Sebastyan Perejro
Track 03 from ‘Single day on the road away’ album – Kubikov
Tears – Vfsix
Éclair de lune – SCSI9
Sweetheart Baby – Pompeya
Snowboy (B-side) – Punk TV
Я Ненавижу Эстрадное Говно! – Vlazhnie Vatrushky

(By the way, Vlazhnie Vatrushky are, according to, “famous for their extra-ordinary and deviant behaviour and shocking ampluaâ”, and have been tagged as “idiotic dance metal” and “shitcore” – if that means that their lyrics are in any way offensive I apologise : )

More recommended Russians on the net:

View some of Alexander Rodchenko’s photographs here: (If you’re in London, the Rodchenko exhibition at the Southbank Centre is on until 27th April 2008)

Read Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem ‘A cloud in trousers part I’ in English translation here:

And by all means check out what to wear, if you’re planning a trip to St Petersburg:

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