Expansion: new kids on the breaks block?

I couldn’t help forcing that title in there – but the old Popround radar has thrown up something new. Expansion Broadcast is a breath of fresh air around this blog space. It’s cartoon characters that are running the show around this joint.

I’ve landed on Harry Ransom’s mix: part 3 of a series (whether this has an end or not i’m unsure).  rocks in hard from word go. We used to have this guy down the road, red bulb and d&b blaring at the most bizarre times for suburn Britain. There was a joyous inappropriateness in this. A spirit that lifts this mix off the ground and more or less sticks around throughout.

Just got to the half way mark and things really just popped a notch. it’s gone bananas. wiggly little inflections wrapped around thunderous synths.

I’d suggest more breaks than dubstep in this blend, still an interesting blueprint tracing the joint lineage that runs through both these genres.

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One thought on “Expansion: new kids on the breaks block?”

  1. Hi! Just saw this linked from the comments on the actual mix and figured I’d answer a couple of the questions posted here:

    – The mix is part 3 of the live show broadcast that took place on April 18th, 2008. I wasn’t even supposed to play this night, but the guys that normally cover the dubstep half of the show were out of town so I covered the slot.
    – The mix was not planned out, I just pulled a record out and went from there.
    – I was actually confused by “We used to have this guy down the road, red bulb and d&b blaring at the most bizarre times for suburn Britain.” Our show is based in Washington, DC, and a few years after I started Djing at local clubs, I started hearing about the Dj Ransom based in London. So I recently started going by Harry Ransom “officially,” since that’s what most people around DC know me as.

    Thanks again for checking out our show, and I’ll try and work in some more breakbeats from time to time. We’re usually 50/50 on drum’n’bass and dubstep for the live broadcasts on Fridays; each Dj’s set is then split in to it’s own podcast, with a set going up each day starting on Mondays. Also I’ve been working on some tunes, which can be found on http://www.myspace.com/ransomdj and http://www.virb.com/ransom.

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