Benga videos on producing dubstep

Priceless for any DJ/producers out there interested in how dubstep is put together is this video interview from Future Music. Benga is at the top of his game right now – following the recent release of the stomping ‘Diary of an Afro Warrior’ long player.

In this collection of YouTube videos (three clips adding up to 30 mins in total), the dubstep don pulls apart the anatomy of a tune. BTW, there’s an added bonus here – he uses ‘Pleasure’ – one of the outstanding cuts on the album for a lot of the demonstration. Switching betweeen Logic, Fruity Loops and Albino, Benga shows how the track builds, including how he works in effects with automation and works with that all-important basslines.

He really is candid on this interview, going into considerable detail about how he mixes his arrangement for DJs and CD production.

Nice work Benga and the guys at Future Music!

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