UVX at Beat-Herder 2008

Beat-Herder is a boutique festival in Lancashire, UK that grew out of the Northern Soul scene and has been running as a “proper” festival for the past three years.

The organisers invited myself and my friend Luke Boucher to play Beat-Herder this year in the guise of our mid-90s electronica project UVX, the Ultraviolet Explorer.

This was the first time UVX had played live in about ten years. The mix was recorded so I’m posting it for anyone who might care to give it a listen. It’s heavy on the samples and fx and moves between ambient, dub, acid, dnb and techno styles.

The track listing is:

Inner Peace
Bug Dub
Fifteen Cents
The Shape of Life
African Sun
Three Mercies (soccer version)
Space Explorer
Last of the Non-achievers
Ruby Fruit Jungle
It Just Takes Time
Billy Whizz

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