Northern Lights and beyond

Here’s a random collection of stuff, including some interesting Icelandic tunes by FM Belfast, Seabear and a brand new single from Emiliana Torrini. Plus that irresistible Mummers-track March of the dawn – not that they are from anywhere near Iceland, but the song most definitely has a strong affinity with Bjork so I thought it would fit in.


  1. Per the walking russin – Petit Soleil
  2. Guns – Ikons
  3. Ice – eRika
  4. Hot lips – Pacific
  5. Synthia – FM Belfast
  6. Busy doing nothing (an Optimo Espacio mix) – Love is all
  7. Huvudet I sanden – Familjen
  8. Remember Jemez Red – Tremolo Beer Gut
  9. Hey little cloud – Petit Soleil
  10. Hitten – Those Dancing Days
  11. Big jumps – Emiliana Torrini
  12. Music killed me (Adventure Kid remake) – I’m from Barcelona
  13. Lips of the soldier – The Figurines
  14. March of the dawn – The Mummers
  15. Singing Arc – Seabear
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2 thoughts on “Northern Lights and beyond”

  1. Ah. Great to hear what’s going on across the silvery pond. You’ve turned cleaning the house on a foggy Sunday morning into something quite frankly less mundane with this joyously eclectic mix.

    That FM Belfast is a personal fave. And I do see what you mean about that Mummers track!

  2. I’m so pleased it enhanced your cleaning experience : )

    Did you know the Mummers before – they’re from Brighton.

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