Mix on your iPhone courtesy of Ableton and some nifty plugins

With more and more producers/DJs salivating at the potent promise of touch screen interfaces, it was only a matter of time before the omnipresent iPhone entered the arena as a music playing device.

In this video presentation, Christopher Willits goes through the steps of hooking up an iPhone to a Mac over a wireless connection so that you can manipulate an equalizer and trigger samples using the touch screen of the phone.

The steps are roughly as follows:

  • Load the app onto your iPhone
  • Download software that can pick up the wireless signal
  • Download more software that turns that wireless signal into MIDI signals
  • Assign those MIDI signals through Ableton

Given that the signals can be assigned however you wish, you really can hook the interface up to just about any part of Ableton.
There’s a segment half way through the video where Willits, with tongue half in cheek tells you what you really shouldn’t do in a live setting: animatedly wagging around the iPhone with the rock and roll gait a percussionist might employ on a rattle. Could this be the new face of DJing? Surely more expressive than pouring over the keys on your laptop.

I’d be interested to know whether you can hook up multiple iPhones to one Mac – to allow different users to control different parts of the music.

Oh the possibilities…

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One thought on “Mix on your iPhone courtesy of Ableton and some nifty plugins”

  1. wow thanks for posting! willits is a genius artist. musician and pioneer in technology/art.
    and thanks christopher willits!

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