Slow down, Mofo: Best of the Blogs Mix 3

This time Harry Covert picks up the reigns for the latest in the Best of the Blogs series. Keeping things on a more chilled plane than Kiterae’s offering, this mix is part indie, part hip hop, part Xmas eulogy.Sorry, I’m afraid I couldn’t track down all the original links for these tracks, but take my word, they are all nestling on a blog somewhere.

The Drummer Is Fine Part 2 – Sonic Youth
Strange guitar warblings and rhythmic feedback from the psychedelic dandies.

Walk In The Car Park – Plastician

Glacial beats from this dubstep technician. Picking up where Burial left off.

Animals – CocoRosie

There was me thinking this was some new offering I’d stumbled on. She-that-knows put me straight that this is one of the better known numbers from indie’s bonkers femme duo.

The Ox (805) – Madlib
This time it’s bonkers hip hop. The man of many monikers dropped this track as an intro to his new album under the Madlib guise.

Jay Z – Brooklyn go hard
Jay Z and Santogold on the same ticket. Now there’s something you just don’t see that much. Why? Not sure – but there should be more.

Ulysses (Black Apache remix) – Franz Ferdinand

The Glaswegian indie-pop gods get the once-over from Black Apache.I could say it takes a remix for me to listen to Franz these days, but that would be mean.

Who’d’ve Known (demo) – Lily Allen

She’s back! I hope Doc’s happy. Breezily wandering through life’s most ubiquitous melodrama: the love story.

The Notorious DLR (Notorious B.I.G. vs. David Lee Roth) – DJ STV SLV
Cheeky this one. The mashup is still alive and kicking. This one is for all the Cal-kids out there.

Esau Mwamwaya, Santogold, M.I.A & Radioclit – Get it up
That Santogold has been getting around. Not sure whether all parties concerned where privy to what was going on with this track prior to release. Still, no one should grumble.

Ultimate – Gogol Bordello

The man caused a romp in the (Golden Gate) park at this year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. Hearing this, the memories come flooding back.

Happy Birthday – The Ting Tings

The Sheffield duo pick up on the old ‘eighties classic. Happy birthday, Jesus.

Up Against The Wall – Peter Bjorn And John
Ah, breezy pop from Northern Europe. Sits so well on a cold December morn.

Come On Santa – The Raveonettes

She-that-knows tells me that the Raveonettes are from now – not from the ‘sixties. They just sound that way.

Agent Orange Freestyle – Teki Latex aka Tekitek
Rounding off this (shortish) mix with some fine French hip hop. Sorry, I know nothing about these guys other than that they do bear some resemblance to the seminal NTM.

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