The parentals in town: best of the blogs, mix 5

February meant visits from all the family – both sides descended on our small flat. Quite a horde. San Francisco showered them with rain and I regressed back into my teenage past. And talking of my teenage past, for this mix I’ve resurrected some hip house hits of yore. Beware, I’ve been excavating more classics so this theme is set to run in future mixes.


The D.O.C – Portrait of a Masterpiece
An old Dre-produced number refurbished by the great CJ Makintosh. Not quite sure what happened to that guy.
Kellerkind – Natural Juice (Original Mix)
Clippity tech funk with a nice clean bassline.
Chelonis R Jones – Rehabilitation (Excerpt)
Gospel acapella suffused with warbling undertones.
Ladyhawke – Magic (Cates &dpL Make Magic Bootleg)
Ladyhawke has been cutting across both the indie and dance scene. This remix places the track firmly in the big room dance scene lifting just light touches of vocals.
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Lonely One (Original Mix)
Ah, deep house/Balearia moment of sheer brilliance. These guys are the shiz…
The Modest Theme – Tiefschwartz Remix
Dark rumbling beats sliced with horns.
Radio Slave – RJ
Just wait for the baseline pitch shift and see what happens to the hairs on the back of your neck.
Ritmo del Sol – Captivity (Cito’s Quechua Solo mix) (Scott Wozniak edit)
Boom boom boom. And then she croons.
Robert Boogert – On My Knees (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
Simmering African rhythms.
Seduction – Free your body
“I get dumb”. Wendell Williams does vocal duties on this C&C Music Factory-produced stomping B side.
Mr Oizo – Gay Dentists
The Flat Eric man is back. And he’s still not afraid to bend genres.
Milton Jackson – Backwards Disco
What it says on the packet.
Hardfloor – Melorec
One of the 303 don’s lesser-known numbers.
Can you feel it – Barack Obama mix
The comparisons between Barack and MLK have been swirling for a while now. Switching the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech for Barack’s inaugural outing really shows just how similar are the oratory styles of these two greats.
Congorock – Exodus (Boy Boy remix)
Some more crazed synchopated African drumming.
Dj Cleo – Mind Ckuf
Similar vein although the melody line hooked me on this one. Haven’t I heard that before somewhere?
Audion – Noiser (Mary Velo Remix)
Matthew Dear’s other, more boisterous guise.
Lionrock – Packet of Peace (Chemical Brothers Remix)
Justin Robertson’s Balearic romp welded into a heavy dub vehicle.
Frankie Knuckles – Your Love (Dusty Kid Remix)
A lesson in how to play with a dominant theme yet still build drama and excitement.
M.I.A. – Death to the throne
Apparently 3 vocal segments are the building block of this bruiser from a Lil Wayne associate.

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