At last…

…I sat down to compile another northernlights. Quite a few tracks are from bands on Finnish record label Fonal records. If you want to hear more of TV-Resistori, Eleanoora Rosenholm and Risto, as well as loads of other new Finnish stuff, there is an electronic jukebox available on the Fonal website at Just be prepared for something far more experimental than the tracks here as I’ve chosen the catchy end of the Fonal spectrum.

Other than that there is The Dø and a track from Karin Dreijer’s solo project Fever Ray. For example. Oh and if you want to hear more of Viola, just go to their website as they’ve decided to give away everything they’ve ever done for free.


Leif Holmstrand – Cato
On my shoulder – The Dø
Intiaanidisko – TV-Resistori
Musta ruusu – Eleanoora Roosenholm
Knocked up (Lykke Li Vs Rodeo Remix) – Kings Of Leon
Suudelmitar – Ville Leinonen
Kodinrakennusohjeet – Eleanoora Rosenholm
Serkut rakastaa paremmin – TV-Resistori
Dog – El Perro del Mar
Lovelights – Viola
Pupu tupuna – Risto
Triangle walks – Fever Ray
At last – The Dø
Ada Bell (In A Montage) – Viola

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