All shades of funk in latest Sparkletone mix

sparkletoneIt’s surprising that in this day and age there are some artists that you just can’t find on the web. Sparkletone is one.

I checked Myspace – nothing there.

Next the personal website – lovely design with a bunch of remixes, and that’s about it.

Coming full circle back to the mix that originally triggered the Sparkletone hunt, I thought there could have been some clues in there. All I can say is that Sparkletone has some funk. A funk that comes in many shapes and sizes – starting with upbeat hip hop beats and by the end freaking out with The Gossip. For me the classiest piece of this mix is when Daft Punk’s crazy riff solo drops with a ding into Justice Soulwax remix. There’s a lot of familiar tracks blended in here, but the sequencing injects energy by slowly lifting and sharp mixing lifts what all too easily could have become yawn-worthy nostalgia trip.

For the full tracklisting, see Hot Biscuits.

If you like this, check out more mixes or follow Sparkletone on Twitter. Who knows, you might even find out who exactly Sparkletone is.

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