The Bear Quartet vs The Fall

I’ve had this compilation in my head for over a year, so I’m really pleased to finally put it somewhere else.

Not sure why these two bands merged in my mind – musically they don’t have a great deal in common, apart from being filed in the ‘indie’ or ‘alternative rock’ section. I suppose what they do have in common is that they’re both relentlessly uncompromising. And ridiculously productive. And, above all, they are both brilliant and deserve a few more listeners.


Free range – The Fall
Class trip – The Bear Quartet
Why are people grudgeful – Fall
Euthanasia – BQ
Ed’s babe – Fall
Puppy hours – BQ
R.O.D. – Fall
What I hate – BQ
Arid Al’s dream – Fall
Tibet – BQ
O brother! (B-side) – Fall
Super confidence – BQ
Slang king (B-side) – Fall
On the map – BQ
A past gone mad – Fall
The lost kid office – BQ
Taurig – Fall
Fairies – BQ
Lost in music – Fall
I know my owner – BQ
Bonkers in Phoenix – Fall
Load it – BQ

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