New findings from the old skool

This mix owes some gratitude to Tim Everest. Frozen, wandering down Haight, promising myself I won’t hand over any more money to those Amoeba bastards (a previous altercation with a snobby buyer – don’t ask), I’m quite happy to pass a cursory glance, toss up my head and walk on. But oh no, Tim. You had to make the case for entering into the mighty Amoeba Records emporium and taking a ‘look around’.

Half an hour later and my wallet is $30 lighters and I’ve got some obscure hip hop from labels I never bumped into as a kid. B-Boy Records is probably the standout. This fine establishment is most notable for having brought Boogie Down Productions to the world, but other standouts include the J.V.C Force.

A second thank-you goes out to David Grimes for turning the ripe old age of thirty. Still fresh-faced and probably a mere Morrisey-loving imp in Arizona when a lot of this stuff came out, somehow I felt this mix might be appropriate. C’mon surely even the miserable Mancunian had a soft spot for Brooklyn’s finest spitting rhymes over the drum and bass (well, apart from the bigotted homophobic rantings the genre lapses into from time to time). So Dave: happy birthday and erm, here’s an old school hip hop mix…

Here Come The Drums – Keenan Webster & Balafo
Conflict (Remix) – Masta Ace, Guru
Doin’ Damage (Original Version) – J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E.
Conquer Mentally (Large Pro remix) (Large Pro Remix feat. Sadat X, O.C., & Large Professor) – Presto
Part of Greatness (feat. CL Smooth) – Presto
Kiterae Premier Track 08 – Notorious B.I.G
Work That Pole – The Beatnuts
Any Type Of Way – Big Daddy Kane
Hip Hop Worth Dying For – Main Flow Feat. Talib Kweli
Ready or Not (Jungle Mix) – Fugees Dj Hype Remix
Word Association – 7L & Esoteric
KRS One – BDP – My Philosophy
Let’s Jam – DJ Matte
The Bridge Is Over (The Bladerunners Edit) – Boogie Down Productions

BTW, I didn’t even know that I had a Notorious track on here until Thug Wife chirped in and schooled me.

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