Rock and roll meets techno and dubstep on Jason Forrest mix

Donna SummerWe start in rock fringes with raw fuzzed out guitar chords leading to Nick Cave’s bastard punk croonings. Before we know it, we’re up to our ears in fringe dance, or as the man Forrest puts it:

“it’s like dubstep finally embraced it’s suburban IDM roots and the result is a freedom of sound that only happens really infrequently”

That man Forrest is an interesting being. According his Wikipedia entry (oh god, is any of it true?), he’s one and the same as Donna Summer and runs the Nightshifters label with DJ Jubilee.

Maybe I’m slow, but this mix was a real grower on me. Much of its charms were lost on my first breeze-through. I’m feeling it stronger now. It’s worth it just for the quite beautiful shake-down into Piotr Kurek’s ‘School Boy’ about 27 mins in.

Just in case you’re interested in any of these sharp tracks, there’s a detailed tracklisting here.

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