Beyond the fjord

This was fun – I went on a little mission to find out what’s been going on in Norway, and found heaps of really interesting stuff. In particular there’s Gisle Martens Meyer, a kind of… musical David Lynch? On this compilation he’s behind Ugress, Shadow of the beat, Pixxel Tyger and Spokelsekladden. And these are just some of his projects. Highly recommended, as is Ralph Myerz’s album Ralphorama! Most of these are available on Spotify if you want to check them out further.

Kjempeflott, as my Norwegian colleagues would say.


  1. Intro – Ralph Myerz
  2. Juliuss – Bermuda Triangle
  3. Innerthieves – Shadow of the beat
  4. Dead eyes – Pixxel Tyger
  5. Cthulhu’s night out – Ugress
  6. Kalaallit nunaat daquiri – Shadow of the beat
  7. Heatwave (summersong) feat. Caro – Ralph Myerz
  8. It was a great year (movies with robots) – Ugress
  9. The dancer – Ralph Myerz
  10. Hatten Passer – Bjorn Torske
  11. In transit – Bermuda Triangle
  12. Kapteinens skjegg – Bjorn Torske
  13. Kommisär kontemporär – Ugress
  14. Kyoto 02 AM – Shadow of the beat
  15. Evil jeans – Ugress
  16. My darling feat. Christine Sandtorv – Ralph Myerz
  17. Manhattan sapphire – Ugress
  18. Fembussen hjem – Bjorn Torske
  19. Follow up – Spokelsekladden
  20. Amz 1974 – Ugress


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