Snow turned to gold

Here is a selection of some of my favourite Jari Haapalainen-produced tracks; some old, some new, all beautiful.

Jari Haapalainen is of course The Bear Quartet’s talented guitarist, who, in addition to producing all BQ albums also works a lot with other bands.

WARNING: contains large doses of Scandinavian melankoli. Sensitive souls are advised not to overdose.

Track listing:

Kind of like you – The Tiny
Birds – Frida Hyvönen
Born in the 70s – Ed Harcourt
Dirty dancing – Frida Hyvönen
This one’s for you – Ed Harcourt
Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken – Camera Obscura
Enemy within – Frida Hyvönen
Been cheating – Nicolai Dunger
In reality – The Tiny
All I need – Heikki
Sorry – The Tiny feat. Ed Harcourt
Picking up the pieces – Nicolai Dunger
My gods – Laakso
Visit from the dead dog – Ed Harcourt
Retribution – Nicolai Dunger
French navy – Camera Obscura
I forget – Rebecka Törnqvist
Until tomorrow then – Ed Harcourt

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