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so, you want to know more, eh?


popround was founded circa 2005 after a few shandies and a wee toke. nature had to play its course and so admittedly the nugget of an idea took some time to take root. we considered, we considered and we considered. and then we launched. and then we realised this is the internet; this is a blog. most of what we considered has long since died. but we like to think what is left is stronger. let us know. drop us an email at webmaster{at}popround{dot}com.

want to join?

think you have what it takes to run a channel on popround? feel confident enough that you can support at least one post per month? again, drop us an email at webmaster{at}popround{dot}com explaining your musical interests and why the channel should be yours, and if we agree we’ll send you details of how to register.

disclaimer-type stuff

this site is aimed at promoting new music and sharing those gems others maybe missing. if you own any of the copyright featured on this site and are uncomfortable with it appearing here, let us know. once more: webmaster{at}popround{dot}com and we’ll take it down. there’s more info here:


good night.

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