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Jubilee throws down some serious jump-up jive

I’ve been sitting on this mix for a little while now. I just keep getting pulled back into it. I’d go as far as to say it’s redefining the music I follow and play.

Jubilee is a young turk from Brooklyn who is building up a reputation for serving up some of the rawest beats out there. Picking on producers as diverse as Bok Bok, Wiley, Roska, DJ Eastwood and Schlachthofbronx, the mix starts at pace and just keeps on sizzling.

I love the raw clanging of the French Fries’ Predator (Tomb Crew Remix) as it bleeds into the atonal warblings of WILDLIFE!’s Jumbie. I did start investigating French Fries and came across this stunner on Youtube from the Frenchman:

For more on Jubilee and the full tracklisting, check out XLR8R.

J Period Dancehall Soundclash Vol 2 Part 2 boyee

J Period Dancehall Soundclash Well, one day we’ll be back in the sizzling hot sun of summer – stoop parties, hoards at every ice cream parlor, hanging out in parks with boom boxes blaring a boisterous roughneck soundtrack. Well, here in SF we’re still not quite there yet, but let’s start getting in the mood.

I originally posted part 1 of this J Period Dancehall Soundclash mix last year, and due to demand am offering up part 2 here. There’s no let-up in intensity, and we find ourselves once more engulfed in a heady concoction of dancehall, reggaeton, ragga, hip-hop and a spattering of jump-up pop classics.

Here’s the track names:

Lil Jon Interlude
The Workout
Yeah Remix
Elephant Message Remix
Elephant Message
Galang Girl
Get Busy/Egyptian Interlude
Sweet To The Belly
Milkshake Remix
Jook Gal
Move Your Body
Pull Up
Killing A Sound Boy
Sound Bwoie Buriell
Look Into My Eyes
Shake That Thing
Enemies Remix
Paid Not Played
Paid Not Played Exclusive
No No No
Oh Yeah
Bad Boys
Wine Up
Champion Lover
The Chronic
Like A Rock Remix
Neva Scared Remix
Neva Scared Remix

Listen to part one of this mixtape

Dancehall Soundclash from J.Period

A bit of a departure this week from the normal fare of house music and its variants. On a recent visit to the mighty Amoeba Records on Haight Street in SF, I picked up a mix by J. Period.Checking out his bio, this guy has played with everyone from Lauren Hill and Q-Tip to more recent collaborations with the ace Somalian MC K’Naan (featured on this Thug Wife mix).

There’s some serious mixing here as Mr Period manages to jam over 60 tracks onto one CD. Let it be the soundtrack to your party or your chilling at home. Enjoy it as you cook, read, dance, play your favourite games on Getminted, or drive to work. It’s the mixtape of the year! Spanning dancehall and the bootier realm of hip hop, I guess if I had to sum up this mix in one word, then that would be: ’sizzling’. So, crack open a Red Stripe and let this one rip…

Track names:

Move Intro
Anything Goes
You Bring It
Give It To Me
Can You Do The Work?
Bad Man Chi Chi
Give Dem Di Shabba
Gal You Lead
Gal You Lead Remix
She’s Hot
Hey Sexy Lady
Top Shotter
The Struggle
Roll Out
New Millenium
Millenium 2
Millenium 3
Row Like A Boat
Grindin Remix
Dude Grindin
Ay Ay Ay Remix
Puerto Rico Interlude
Ay Que Bueno Reggaeton Remix
Dat Sexy Body
Say Woee
Jack It Up
Deport Them
Like Glue
Nuttin Nuh Go So
Get Low Remix

Part 2 of this mix