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dj fink and harry covert @ smarties, nice, jan 31

one last live foray (if our dreams come off, there maybe virtual outings in the future) into a world of jumbled beats and freaked out house chez smarties. marc will be hitting a milestone around midnight so expect some extra sauce on top of the normal festivities.

dj fink and harry covert, smarties, jan 31

for me, the end of an era – as intense as it was short. come wave us off!

final soiree with dj ohm at smarties – feb 2

sniff. it’s come to this. the last outing for me and dj ohm at the wonderful smarties in downtown Nice.

still, the beats will keep the tears at bay. we’ve also got some new kit in tow (serato) so will have enough on our plates. i’d like to say i’ll record the event, but who knows given that i’m surrounded by boxes and have no idea where the minidisc is. what does that mean? you’ll have to come down and check us out. it’s the only way. it’s also february – officially the dreariest month in the northern hemisphere – and not too late to make that new year’s resolution to get out more and let your hair down a reality.

oh, i guess you need the details…

flyer - smarties feb 2, dj ohm

harry covert and fink @ smarties – the mixes

december saw my 5th anniversary and a fun night in Nice. the Hi Hotel did a fair job at kicking off proceedings in a bar that somehow reminded me of an Early Learning Centre.

we had a passable meal at an italian with one of the more interesting waitresses you’ll find. ‘yum, yum, yum’ was her catchphrase whenever any food arrived – or actually whenever she came to the table, regardless.

then onto smarties where fink and i got somewhat busy on the decks for a few hours. the crowd was intimate full of those we’ve got to know at smarties over the last couple of years. onto Le Klub afterwards but by that stage things started getting vague and woolly.

Mix 1

Mix 2

next gig at smarties – oct 20

ok peeps, the summer sojourn being truly over and the end of the rentree nigh, it’s time for ohm and harry covert to get physical down at smarties in nice one more time.

come in droves. there’s nowt but french stuff on the telly. or should i say dodgy american stuff with funny french voices. either way, there’ll be none of that at smarties.

dj ohm, harry covert, smarties - oct 20
if all goes according to plan, we should have some audio to tickle you with soon after.

fink + kiterae @ smarties, nice

so, once more fink and kiterae took to the decks at smarties as the current incarnation of nice’s finest electro bar draws to a close (refurb due in august).

a fun night for all until we pumped the bass one notch too far (i blame the monitors and my new headphones – i didn’t have a clue what was going on). for me highlights were johnannes heil’s ‘the magician (thomas schumacher remix)’, an old depeche mode classic and that digitalism track. fink played some storming baile funk and somehow managed to shoe-horn a pulp fiction track onto the end of volta by robots need oil. bliss.

our able hosts marc and cindy were joined by the effervescent emily making sure nobody went thirsty.

bear with the video – it does get lighter!

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the roots – nice jazz festival

A surprise entry on this year’s Nice Jazz Festival programme was The Roots. They’ve been plying their own unique brand of live hip hop for some time now, but their energy definitely hasn’t diminished. They also have a fairly substantial bass sound going for them too. Quite a show. (Sorry about the sound quality on this one).

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Dee Dee Bridgewater Red Earth Malian Project

A little snippet from one of the most lively African shows I’ve seen in a long time. A tripped-out, tribal version of a blues classic was a high-point. As was this moment.

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smarties in nice, july 27

after a 3 month hiatus, kiterae and dj fink return to smarties on july 27 for a night of electro, techno, dubstep and perhaps even some brain-dance! it’s free to get in and the ambience is to die for. as are the cocktails. throw in a couple of eccentrics behind the bar and there you have the makings of a great night.

photos + video to follow.

smarties, nice - july 27 2007