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favela chic

this place rocks. first discovered the music via cd’s provided by the inimitable lina when i was asked to play at a brazilian bar in brighton a few year’s back.

and then, stumbling around paris on a saturday night, we found ourselves in a dodgy queue for gibus. we took a slight left when through the doors and ended up in a full-on brazilian hoe-down.

the soundsystem was crap and the four square feet of dance floor hotter than the amazon but the vibe was unlike anything i’ve seen in a while. somewhere between the very open music policy (a la balearia 15 years past), the smiley staff and a crowd defying any demographic pidgeon-holing, this brazilian bar-cum-restaurant was on fire.

by 2 in the morning, somehow the crowd was still swelling and the night had that feel that the momentum could keep on running into tuesday.

these guys have been at it for 10 years and show no signs of taking their finger off the pulse anytime soon.

so if you find yourself in paris or london in want of some fast and loose action, check out favela chic.