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Drop the Lime picks up the bass

drop_the_limeBrooklyn’s Drop the Lime is a busy bee. Aside from performing on Institubes as Curses!, he’s remixed everyone from Armand Van Helden to Rex the Dog.

Prior to ingesting this mix for the wonderful XLR8R mag, I’d have labelled DTL as a fine purveyor of seriiious basslines. Now, for the first 15 mins or so of this mix, all the activity happens in the higher spectrum: tension comes from shuffling hisses (a nod to early Sheffield rave?) and the snap of snares on speed. More than enough to keep you enthralled before that signature bass drops like an Amazonian storm.

The warbling basslines bleed out of twisted funk from Boabinga, Mujava (that track), DTL himself and Little Jinder, amongst others. Definitely high octane, but for me the interest comes in the juxtaposition with a deeper house (eg. Acid Jacks) – an unlikely yet heavily rewarding partnership.

Tracklisting and more information on XLR8R

All shades of funk in latest Sparkletone mix

sparkletoneIt’s surprising that in this day and age there are some artists that you just can’t find on the web. Sparkletone is one.

I checked Myspace – nothing there.

Next the personal website – lovely design with a bunch of remixes, and that’s about it.

Coming full circle back to the mix that originally triggered the Sparkletone hunt, I thought there could have been some clues in there. All I can say is that Sparkletone has some funk. A funk that comes in many shapes and sizes – starting with upbeat hip hop beats and by the end freaking out with The Gossip. For me the classiest piece of this mix is when Daft Punk’s crazy riff solo drops with a ding into Justice Soulwax remix. There’s a lot of familiar tracks blended in here, but the sequencing injects energy by slowly lifting and sharp mixing lifts what all too easily could have become yawn-worthy nostalgia trip.

For the full tracklisting, see Hot Biscuits.

If you like this, check out more mixes or follow Sparkletone on Twitter. Who knows, you might even find out who exactly Sparkletone is.

New Jamie Lidell track

I’m afraid I don’t have much information on this one, but a live version of a track from the new Jamie Lidell album has surfaced on the web.

The UK artist seems to have stuck to his tried and tested formula: angular electronic funk.

Apparently his live shows are meant to be worth taking in.

chocolate industries

ok, at the bequest of thuggy, i went out and got myself something to wake up that dusty old vinyl sitting around… they’ve finally come up with a usb turntable that plugs straight into a home pc. time for old records to be new mp3’s.

did get me digging through and found an excellent leftfield hip/trip hop compilation from chocolate industries. something picked up in sf. definitely recommend that slice of cocoa history, but failing that, you can see what they’re up to these days:

check out the chocolate swim taster.

the highlight, if you like bollywood does east side, is the tight “wylin out” feat. mos def and diverse.

dj l’embrouille netlabel mix

over a year ago, a mix by dataman opened me up to a fair portion of the netlabel catalogue which at that time i had just started to explore. since then i have continued to follow the netlabels, building my own netlabel mixes and dipping into this rich source of electronic music whenever i felt the need for an antidote to the chart splurge and euro techno.

and now again, i feel like a new slice of the netlabel pie has been delivered mixed with exquisite grace. moving through minimal, dub techno and beefing it up towards the end, this really does smoothly breathe life into netlabels electronica.

more info on the unpronounceable dj l’embrouille.

matmos madness

just when your getting disillusioned about how pigeon-holed everything sounds these days along comes something that floors you.

the US arthouse duo of matmos have been getting coverage here on the electronic scene in the likes of trax mag and given their high-fallutin roots and penchant for dropping references to wittgenstein i thought i could be in for something all cerebral and claustrophobic. not quite.

going off on more tangents in five minutes than a neurotic bluebottle but managing to retain a semblance of structure and drift, is this the new jazz?

check out for yourself with guitar laden downtempo/trip-hop/drum-n-bassy Sun on 5 at 152.