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Plastician on Rinse FM

On the noodle soup that is the web, there are little pockets of raw dubstep mayhem flowing thick and strong. Don’t believe me? Just check out Rinse FM, an old stalwart that has been peddling the sub bass since year dot.

Beware if you sign up to the Podcast, the sheer volume of music spit out on a daily basis will quickly infect your iPod with the dirtiest dubstep. Plastician did the honors earlier in March. How he got from A Flock of Seagulls to Babylon System is beyond me. Who would have known such a rich fabric lay nestled in the Croyden high rises. Pure bliss. Just see the tracklist.

me live on the xltronic radio on friday the 20th 9pm CET

I’m doing a live stream of music and music-related things on

For those who don’t know, xltronic is supposed to be a site dedicated to all things that fit under the “electronic music” tag, although it’s basically just a forum discussing the latest big releases to the nth degree with lots of offtopic threads in between.

it will most probably be recorded and archived


a few problems with technology arose, and it laid a damper on things – I had to relocate to a friend’s house where the internet was a bit more stable, which meant that the available material was scarce, but I recorded the whole thing and it is available for download at this link

it contained such tracks as:
black dog: ripheadv2
sabres of paradise: ano electro
björk: hyperballad (lfo disco sync mix)
fawn: bless
elecktroids: thermo science
felix: it will make me crazy
usura: open your mind
golden girls: kinetic
utah saints: what can you do for me?
sonz of a loop da loop era: far out
dms: exterminate
joey beltram: energy flash
gescom: viral rival
miss kittin: happy violentine (lfo mix)
gosub: low volume lovers
der zyklus: formenverwandler
various production: the world is gone
vex’d: killing floor
cj bolland: catharsis
cutting crew: (i just) died in your arms
manic: free your soul
vlr: computermadness III preview
pet shop boys: dj culture
cab calloway: scat song
syncom data: armee der leere
dopplereffekt: myon-neutrino

the fip mashup

if you’re in brighton away from the downs facing seawards, occasionally you can discover a rare gem floating across the channel airwaves – the wonderful world of fip.

like getting trapped in your local music emporium (think virgin, fnac), sticking well clear of the chart sleaze fodder of daytime radio and digging into just about everything else. albeit opera, new age, hip hop, ac dc… makes you realise quite how inane the labels we impose on music can be. what’s more everything’s listed. it’s like they want you to enjoy their stuff, and go further – dig and explore.

so, if you’re bored at work and itunes radio isn’t doing it for you, i implore you to check out the wonderful world of fip. oh, it might also help you with your french, too.

dub present on kfm

once in a while something comes along that makes you feel like you have really been looking in all the wrong places.

taking all the best bits of african (infectious basslines, energy), stripping off the noodles that oft bogged down afrobase, applying the latest urban/house production techniques and then wiring this up to the celestial ever-shaking booty that has the power to transform us from wired up computer lumps into…

definitely check out the wonderful dub present from jamahl. new zealand ina booming sound system styleee.