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Tribute to Warsaw

With all due respect to David Bowie, when I listen to the track Warszawa from his Low album I can only think of how  it feeds the conception of a hopelessly dull, depressing city.

For a more rounded picture, here is a selection of 14 tunes with a (sometimes far-fetched, I know) reference to the capital of Poland.

Listen here – tracks are listed below!

Park Lazienki, Warsaw
Warsaw in the sun


  1. Warsaw ragtime – New Orleans Stompers
  2. Warsaw – Dessa
  3. Warsaw or the first breath you take after you give up
    – Them Crooked Vultures
  4. Gangster ska – Warsaw Poland Bros
  5. Warsaw – Groove Armada (James Curd remix)
  6. Warszawa – T. Love
  7. Warsaw – Sneijder (Arctic Moon remix)
  8. Sen o Warszawie – Cieslaw Niemen
  9. Warsawa – 50 HERTZ
  10. Warsaw – Joy Division
  11. Warszawa – Kombajn do zbierania kur po wioskach
  12. Warsaw in the sun – Tangerine Dream
  13. Varshe: Warsaw – Mappamundi
  14. Warszawo, moja Warszawo – Warszawskie Combo Taneczne

Sampled by Miuosh

My obsession with the Polish hip hop artist Miuosh continues. After a year of listening to his stuff practically every day, I started digging into the samples and found some real gems as well as a few odd surprises. Sublime in a funny way.


Love of my life – Wilson Pickett
Don’t leave me lonely – King Floyd
Punish me – Margie Joseph
Fairytale – Alexander Rybak
You needn’t worry now – Smoke
My home – Nneka
I got over love – Major Harris
It’s so hard to break a habit – The Webs
Jeanny – Falco
The way we were – 21st century
Normalnie o tej porze – Kaliber 44
Studda step – Biz Markie
Astrobolid – Jerzy Milian
Eternal love – Stephanie Mills

Northern Lights XIX

I know I should be packing at the moment. And Christmas shopping. And learn Polish. And sort out a million and one other things that moving from Cambridge to Krakow via Christmas celebrations in Stockholm involve.

It’s just that I’m a little bit infatuated with every track below so I thought I’d spread the love.

  1. Modern drift – Efterklang
  2. Dust if off – The Dø
  3. One piece concept – ASS
  4. Alike – Efterklang
  5. The fox – Niki and the Dove
  6. Scale it back – DJ Shadow and Little Dragon
  7. The bridge is broken – The Dø
  8. Ledmotiv – Tvärvägen
  9. Sundog – Niki and the Dove
  10. Aint nobody laughing at me – ASS
  11. I was playing drums – Efterklang
  12. Moon (Ridu remix) – Björk
  13. DJ ease my mind (acapella) – Niki and the Dove
  14. Spaceherosuites – Those dancing days
  15. I can’t find my knife – Tvärvägen

The last song is dedicated to the brilliant Simply Krav Maga club in Cambridge. Keep fighting guys : )

Jamie who?

Why is everyone I listen to at the moment called Jamie? It’s absurd.

Favourite Jamie: Lidell. Is this guy getting the recognition he deserves or have I just not been paying attention (more likely)?

Favourite track: Burial’s version of Wayfaring stranger is strangely addictive.

Favourite album: James Blake. Funnily enough I don’t listen to it that much. It’s almost like a painting in a museum; I admire it but that doesn’t mean I always enjoy it. I bet it sounds amazing live though.


  • Street – Jamie Woon
  • Your sweet boom – Jamie Lidell
  • Far nearer – Jamie XX
  • Air and lack thereof – James Blake
  • Night air (Ramadanman refix) – Jamie Woon
  • NY is killing me – Jamie XX and Gil Scott-Heron
  • Multiply (Herbert’s Hoedown Bump) – Jamie Lidell
  • Multiply (Hot Chip mix) – Jamie Lidell
  • The City (Four Tet mix) – Jamie Lidell
  • Wayfaring stranger (Burial remix) – Jamie Woon
  • The Wilhelm scream – James Blake
  • Compass – Jamie Lidell
  • She needs me – Jamie Lidell
  • Multiply in a minor key – Jamie Lidell

Breaks a la Brighton

For ages I’ve been meaning to upload something upbeat and energetic to balance my previous post – it’s not winter anymore! Finally then, here are the most upbeat and energetic guys I know: Krafty Kuts, Cakeboy and Askillz, all from Brighton.

Best party music ever, and if you’re old and boring like me I can assure you that it works just as well for long distance running. And kickboxing.

The mixes below are from 2010, 2007 and 2005 and are available at Soundcloud and/or

Krafty Kuts (Oct 2010)

Krafty Kuts (Fabric Live)



Seasons’s greetings

I’m always surprised at how quickly Christmas is over, so I’ve decided to start early this year.

On behalf of Cybersanta, here is a collection of Norwegian nutter Bjørn Torske’s own brand of dub-house-electronica, from the last 10 years, niftily compiled by Paris DJs ( Ho ho.


The fantastic Mr Scruff

On 16 October, Mr Scruff played a brilliant 5 hour set in Cambridge. He is not just a fantastic DJ, cartoonist and tea-maker, he is also a very nice man. Everyone who attended this gig was given a ticket with a code that could be used to download the whole show.

As I am quite nice myself, I hereby give you 97 fantastic minutes of Mr Scruff live in Cambridge. Enjoy. Oh and do go and see him if you can, it’s a guaranteed top night.

one of mr scruff's recession busting tips
one of mr scruff’s recession busting tips

One for the girls! (mostly)

I didn’t plan to make a compilation with just Swedish women. I just stumbled on all these good tunes, either by Swedish solo artistas or by Swedish bands with a female lead singer.

Here is some very important information : )

  • Little Dragon are currently supporting Gorillaz on tour. The band’s Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano appears on Gorillaz’s album Plastic Beach and has previously worked with Swedish group Koop, José González and Hird.
  • One of the band members in CirKus is Neneh Cherry.
  • Malin Dahlström is the singer of both Niki and the Dove and Disdishdance.
  • Fever Ray is the solo project of Karin Dreijer from the Knife. The new single Mercy Street is a Peter Gabriel cover.
  • Titiyo is Neneh Cherry’s half-sister.


Looking glass – Little Dragon
Bells – CirKus
Like a fading rainbow – Jenny Wilson
DJ ease my mind – Niki and the Dove
Once I was a serene.. – Frida Hyvönen
Play the world – Nina Kinert
Good evening – The Concretes
Runabout – Little Dragon
Seven – Fever Ray
Yours to keep – Teddybears featuring Neneh Cherry
Love to the test – Disdishdance
Johnny Icon – CirKus
Blinking pigs – Little Dragon
Mercy Street – Fever Ray
When I grow up – First Aid Kit
Let me in – El perro del mar
Longing for lullabys – Titiyo
Exotic lovelight – Disdishdance

Beyond the fjord

This was fun – I went on a little mission to find out what’s been going on in Norway, and found heaps of really interesting stuff. In particular there’s Gisle Martens Meyer, a kind of… musical David Lynch? On this compilation he’s behind Ugress, Shadow of the beat, Pixxel Tyger and Spokelsekladden. And these are just some of his projects. Highly recommended, as is Ralph Myerz’s album Ralphorama! Most of these are available on Spotify if you want to check them out further.

Kjempeflott, as my Norwegian colleagues would say.


  1. Intro – Ralph Myerz
  2. Juliuss – Bermuda Triangle
  3. Innerthieves – Shadow of the beat
  4. Dead eyes – Pixxel Tyger
  5. Cthulhu’s night out – Ugress
  6. Kalaallit nunaat daquiri – Shadow of the beat
  7. Heatwave (summersong) feat. Caro – Ralph Myerz
  8. It was a great year (movies with robots) – Ugress
  9. The dancer – Ralph Myerz
  10. Hatten Passer – Bjorn Torske
  11. In transit – Bermuda Triangle
  12. Kapteinens skjegg – Bjorn Torske
  13. Kommisär kontemporär – Ugress
  14. Kyoto 02 AM – Shadow of the beat
  15. Evil jeans – Ugress
  16. My darling feat. Christine Sandtorv – Ralph Myerz
  17. Manhattan sapphire – Ugress
  18. Fembussen hjem – Bjorn Torske
  19. Follow up – Spokelsekladden
  20. Amz 1974 – Ugress


At last…

…I sat down to compile another northernlights. Quite a few tracks are from bands on Finnish record label Fonal records. If you want to hear more of TV-Resistori, Eleanoora Rosenholm and Risto, as well as loads of other new Finnish stuff, there is an electronic jukebox available on the Fonal website at Just be prepared for something far more experimental than the tracks here as I’ve chosen the catchy end of the Fonal spectrum.

Other than that there is The Dø and a track from Karin Dreijer’s solo project Fever Ray. For example. Oh and if you want to hear more of Viola, just go to their website as they’ve decided to give away everything they’ve ever done for free.


Leif Holmstrand – Cato
On my shoulder – The Dø
Intiaanidisko – TV-Resistori
Musta ruusu – Eleanoora Roosenholm
Knocked up (Lykke Li Vs Rodeo Remix) – Kings Of Leon
Suudelmitar – Ville Leinonen
Kodinrakennusohjeet – Eleanoora Rosenholm
Serkut rakastaa paremmin – TV-Resistori
Dog – El Perro del Mar
Lovelights – Viola
Pupu tupuna – Risto
Triangle walks – Fever Ray
At last – The Dø
Ada Bell (In A Montage) – Viola