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Gescom in the mix


tracks used: puzl, dan one, keynell3, motor1, motor4, sciew spoc, chunge remixed by gescom, d1, mag, go sumo, a2, keynell autechre remix a, slow acid, b1, le shark, keynell1, polarized beam splitter, a1, go sheep, c1, whatever remixed by tara, vira rival remixed by ae, keynell remixed by ae, keynell2, pelt remixed by velocity kendall




download, and all that jazz


ok, i’ve been sitting on these for a while, so even though it’s 8 at night and the luscious french coffee has worn off, i shall post.

harry covert and fink on a summery saturday sometime back. we played around with lower bpm’s so expect some fine weirdness from the likes of Prince, Jay Wobble and i have a feeling even The Prodigy have a look-in too.

Mix 1

Mix 2